form stories

form stories

Practicing empathy, connection and trust through storytelling.

Story creates connection. Connection inspires change. Our ancestors started by telling stories around a fire and now we simply have a different flickering light. The opportunities to inspire others and move people to action abound as story unlocks the power to bring change.

"Storytellers" events focus purely on building the skill of storytelling and demonstrate the power of a simple, thoughtful, personal story. No slides. No notes. It is 8 people from your company crafting personal stories on a chosen theme, with close collaboration and coaching along the way. After preparation and practice, those stories are taken to a microphone & stage and shared with the rest of the company or team. It boils the skill of inspiring others down to its very core, engaging an audience and bringing change solely through thoughtful connection.

"Storytellers" is empowering for the storytellers and unparalleled in its ability to humanize the workplace, as people see their coworkers at their best and most compelling. It is a tremendous demonstration of the power of storytelling and an unparalleled shared experience in the workplace.

Schedule a "Storytellers" event:

Put trust falls and drum circles to shame.

Here’s how it works:

Stories are recorded, audio and video, for each of the storytellers to keep. And if desired, made available to the rest of the participants and attendees. They can also potentially be featured on the formstories Podcast.

Current openings:

New York City

1 space in late April

1 space in May

2 spaces in June


Primarily serving the Greater New York City area at the moment. But if you're someplace else, shoot a message over! We’ll see what we can do.

What participants have said about "Storytellers"

form stories

These are not made up. It’s really this good.

"Not only did I learn how to take a story I’ve told a million times and make it interesting, suspenseful and captivating but I also discovered that I was capable of gathering my thoughts in a cohesive manner and presenting them without reading from a script."

"It was truly incredible."

"It was a great way to get to know a few of our fellow teammates better and show off the type of intimacy and creativity that is such an awesome part of our culture!"

"This was the best. Full stop."

"My story helped me reflect on someone who is extremely important to me. I’ve thought and spoken about our relationship in fragments but was never able to fully articulate its value all at once until Storytellers came along."

"This is the kind of event you tell everyone about when you're recruiting."